Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trendy place : Le 111 .

"Saint-honoré aux framboises"

Today and as often, I went to the 111, a French restaurant located on the French riviera in Nice . I am
never disappointed, the food is always delicious . There is a large choice of salads, meats, fishes, and crazy desserts . I know this restaurant since few monthes and it's a great experience to lunch there . These are photographies of what I ate today .

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Latest beauty buys : Kiko Cosmetics

Yesterday, I went to Cap 3000 (a shopping center situated on the French riviera), I absolutely wanted to find new nails lacquers for this summer . I went to Kiko shop and of course I found my happiness! Lol . These are photos of my new products . Color's numbers (from left to right) 261; 273 ; 272 ; 389 ; 298 ; 360 ; 323 and 123 (the top coat) .

Kiko cosmetics eshop HERE  

New In : Z&V, Repetto & Swarovski


- Handbag Zadig&Voltaire sunny deluxe . (Eshop HERE)
- Ballet shoes Repetto . (Eshop HERE)
- Earrings Swarovski . (Eshop HERE

Latest beauty buys : Mikyajy @ Deira City Centre, Dubai - UAE

My Mikyajy's products!

Mikyajy brush set 17pcs

Mikyajy tempting treats (absolutely perfect!)

Mikyajy 22K stylish eyeliner

Mikyajy Black I

Mikyajy brush cleanser

Mikyajy 22K pressed alluring powder
(03 white mocha)

Sabaya eyes and lips base

Before going to Dubai, I absolutely wanted to find an Arabic makeup brand. After a few research on the net, I found Mikyajy. I decided to check their website, and I found the Mikyajy products great, really cute and girly. When I arrived to Dubai, the first day I immediately decided to go to the mall Deira City Center. I already knew what I'd buy defore entering in the shop lol. When I enter in the Mikyajy shop, everything was colourful and pretty, the saleswoman was helpful. My favourite products are the tempting treats and the 22K pressed alluring powder for sure. Their packagings are really pretty!

& you, what is your favourite products from Mikyajy?

Lots of love. F x

(You can check all the items on the Mikyajy website HERE)