Sunday, September 16, 2012

New York - USA ; July 2012

View from the Empire State Building rooftop! 
Hi everyone, I am really sorry I have been really busy during these holidays and now i'm going back to school... So today I wanted to share with you my readers a bunch of photos of my last trip to the USA. I have to say that I was disappointed of New-York, and I didn't find it "soooo amazing" like everyone say. I think I just enjoyed Times Square, it's a special and crowded place. To find a shop I think I had to search 10 minutes and walk around 30 minutes to find it, so it was kindda complicated! I also didn't shop that much, my best picks was a pair of Jeffrey Campbell booties the Spiked Lita (Seen and wanted by many bloggers) and a pair of Burberry rain boots. My favourite shopping place was the Short Hills Mall for sure, chic and luxurious, it reminds me the Burjumann Mall in Dubai. During my vacations I stayed in a good host family in the New-Jersey at Short Hills exactly, to perfectionate my English. For the moment I don't think I will go back soon to the USA. Well, I hope you will like my photos!

And you, where did you travelled this summer?

Lots of love x . F

Metropolitan Museum - NYC


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