Saturday, June 23, 2012

Outfit of the Day

T-shirt Zadig&Voltaire; jeans, sandals and jacket Zara; glasses Chanel; leather bag Vanessa Bruno; watch Casio .

Location : Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Recommend : Ebooks Budget Shopping!

Good afternoon everyone! Well today I wanna introduce you the Ebooks Budget Shopping from Jocelina Paixao Fortes, a sweet blogger I met at the iFabbo conference in London. In her books, you will can find how to travel, where to stay, shopping route, photos of the city, her wishlist on Instagram and many "must-visit budget shops"! It gives you some tips onwhere to shop but will also help you to find the best travel deals and low budget accommodations.

- After Shopping in Rotterdam and London on a budget you can expect an ebook on Paris, Prague, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Dublin, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Vienna, Berlin and Istanbul among others.

The Shopping ebooks budget is an ebook pdf that you can easily use on your computer or iPad. So no special e-reader is required!
I'm sure you will love the interactivity of the document as you can easily click on the shopping route and access it on Google Maps on the internet. If you want to discover more features buy the book now!

To buy the Ebooks, click on this link to buy the Ebook Budget shopping of London, and on this link to buy the Ebook Budget shopping of Rotterdam, each Ebook is only 9,95$!

Enjoy reading, girls!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Outfit of the Day

The view from the Méridien's roof!

Polo shirt Ralph Lauren, handbag Juicy Couture, white jeans from Malta, ring and shoes from England, watch Casio

Location : Le Méridien, Nice-French Riviera

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New In : Fyunka, the most adorable Saudi brand!

Good morning beauties! So today, I wanna show you one of my recent discoveries : Fyunka!
Fyunka (meaning bow in Arabic) is a Jeddah based line of fashion inspired design with the influence of popular culture and Khaleeji insight . The designer of this cute brand is Alaa Balkhy . The Fyunka products? Bags, totes, notebooks and t-shirts of course! I discovered it when I just came back from Dubai,
I was quite disappointed and even a little bit angry on myself  (yes yes!) that I didn't discovered the brand before to buy one at S*uce boutique when I was in UAE! But, finally I got mine on Dia-Boutique (the pink Constance) and I was really happy when I received it, with a sweet personal note from the designer. Ooh I forgot the most important! : It's made in Jeddah with love!

Lot of love x F

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beauty review : The goodies bag gifted by iFabbo


Hello everybody! I hope your spending great summer vacations and your having fun! Well, today I wanted to make a post of this amazing goodies bag which has been gifted by iFabbo when I went to the conference (see my previous post) . Thanks a lot to all these brands as Konjac, Nazila nails, Miracle Skin, Beautisol, Hydroxatone, Let's Go Lashes, for these amazing products! I didn't tried everything yet, just the Konjac sponge that I found really soft to use, the Let's Go lashes which are really easy to wear and don't look too fake, the facial kit by Hydroxane which is my favourite product for sure! and the Nazila Nails which are the most original nails I have ever seen!
I'll try the other products because now I'm having the time to post more on my blog, thanks to the summer holidays .