Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Latest beauty buys : My first E.l.f order (EyesLipsFace.com)

Here is my package

Hi everyone, so today I decided to share with you my latest beauty buys and to make a kind of beauty review. I didn't buy make up for so long! Because of this, I placed a HUUUGE order on Eyes Lips Face, it's an eshop with unexpensive make up. I know this website since 2 years now, some friends of mine got me products and I was happy with it. I have to say that their products are good enough and the quality if fine with affordable prices. I ordered a lot of lipsticks and lip gloss, well I wear it daily and change the color due to my clothes and mood as well.
I didn't try all their products from my order yet.

But I have already my favourite ones : I loved the both Studio blushes I ordered, the coral and the pink passion, also the All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige which is a very good concealer with a great coverage, and their "primer and plumper" for the lips work well (and I liked the packaging, practical and chic at the same time)

I didn't like :  the Studio products for the eyebrows, the "eyebrow lifter & filler" in fact its just a normal pencil , but the medium brown is strange and too light for me, it looks like a weird chocolate brown, and the filler is not fabulous. The Studio "eyebrow treat and tame" , I am currently testing the treat part so I cannot give my opinion and the tame part is just awful. I mean the medium brown is very strange, it's like if there was dust of this kindda brown color on the brush when I tried to apply it! There was no difference between with and without! I didnt find it good at all.

I hope you enjoyed my post, if you have any question about my E.l.f order, do not hesitate to ask me!

Lots of love,

F x

The "famous" pink paper!


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  4. WOW such a huge order! I didn't know this web, but now I've already kept it in my favorites! thanks a lot!

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  5. WOW, it's trully HUGE order >,<
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  6. Beaucoup de produits à tester, sympa. Merci de ta participation au giveaway. Romina

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